This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. No, really. If you’re reading this, we already know that you’re ready to work with a team of individuals who are as passionate about the success of your brand as you are. How does it feel?


Communications Plan

The first step to any effective PR strategy is to conduct a communications audit. It begins with in-depth research over your current communication processes, identifying target audiences and determining key messages for the campaign. Based on our findings, we’ll create an action plan to engage your target audiences through a mix of media outreach, social media and events to drive sales and exposure. 


Media Relations

Having trouble getting the media to notice you? Let us help you! It
takes maintaining relationships with journalists so they’ll listen to what you’re saying. Whether you want your message in national magazines, trade publications, blogs or your local newspaper, we’ll develop the messages that will gain exposure for your organization. 


Social Media

Your audience expects to see your organization online so they can connect with it socially. Don’t let them down by being distant or representing yourselves poorly. Our first move is to evaluate any past and current socialmedia efforts, then create a plan for the future that will help you reach your goals for gaining an online audience of fans. 

Community Engagement

Everyone loves a company that gets involved with its local community.  We'll help you identify events and groups with which your organization should engage. Whether its volunteering or hosting an event, we’ll help you find those opportunities, help you plan them and provide guidelines and checklists to ensure everything runs smoothly. <3 for your community = <3 for your brand!  


Event Planning

Events position you directly in front of your audience. We’ll be there to ensure your brand is showcased in the best light possible by developing promotional material, securing media coverage and promoting your event. We've got every detail covered from the budget and timeline, securing vendors and providing on-site support.

Graphic Design

We design everything that makes up the public face of your organization including logos, websites, business cards, promotional material and more. We'll help establish color palettes, style guidelines, guidelines for logo usage, digital templates of all materials.